The PolyNerdic Rating System

A big part of this blog includes the reviewing and rating of various books, video games, comic books and occasionally films.

When reviewing something the very first, and arguably most heavily weighted, aspect we look at is: enjoyment.  Above all else the thing that maters most to us about a piece of entertainment is how well it entertained us.

Yes we also consider things like mechanics, plot (are there holes, etc), overall story and characters, art, design, technical aspects (frame rate drops, etc), acting (voice and live action) and a large number of other categories but at the end of the day they are all a part of how well we were entertained.

For example the occasional visual glitch in a video game may not effect our overall enjoyment and therefore won’t bring down the score much if at all yet unsatisfactory art design in a comic book or shoddy story or pacing decisions in a film can very well dampen our enjoyment and bring the score down.

That said here is our scale.

10 – Masterpiece, very difficult to achieve but maybe someday we’ll see the flawless property.

9 – Great, almost there, a must read/see/play property.

8 – Very Good, property has a few flaws that hold it back from greatness.

7 – Solid, property is worth checking out but maybe worth waiting for a price drop (or two).

6 – Above Average, a property you could potentially have some fun with but it has flaws.

5 – Average, absolutely middle of the road properties here.

4 – Below Average, properties that we struggled to find any redemptive qualities in.

3 – Don’t Waste Your Time, properties with so many flaws that our collective heads hurt just thinking about them.

2 – Why Was This Made/Why Does This Exist, enough said?

1 – Utter Garbage Fire, at all costs stay away from properties that score this.

As of this writing this blog a passion project which means that we can chose properties that fit our personal tastes to review which means with the exception of things gifted to use or that arrive in random assortment boxes we tend to stay clear of properties that fall outside of the upper tiers of scores but as we grow and can afford to look more closely at a wider range of properties we expect that average score we hand out may well drop.

Hope this clears up any confusion or concerns that may exist in your mind, dear readers, and allows you to better understand where we come from.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic) on behalf of the PolyNerdic family.