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I Stand Corrected: Revisiting the 2016 Hail Hydra/Captain America Story

Nearly a year ago in May of 2016 we were treated to this shocking twist. Knee jerk reaction being knee jerk (extra emphasis on jerk), the comic book nerd corner of the internet exploded in a fit of rage. I … Continue reading

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For the Last Time, Spoilers Can Be and Usually Are a Big Deal

Here we go again with this. In case you somehow didn’t know, Sunday night brought with it the return of The Walking Dead (TWD from this point on).¬† Whether you watch it or not, the likelihood of you being aware … Continue reading

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The Timpf Tiff: Overzealous Star Wars Fans Exhibiting Atrocious Behaviour

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on a deserted island (maybe with a volleyball for a friend) for the last several months you’ve no doubt noticed the fact that a new Star Wars film is coming in a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ready Player One

Just finished reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline this afternoon and have spent the last hour or so trying to wrap my head around the book and my thoughts on it so I could give it a proper review. … Continue reading

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My Nerdy Shame

“Memories! You’re talking about memories!” Some of you may recognize that the quote above is from the 1982 Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner. ¬†Ridley Scott’s epic neo-noir film about a special operative known as a Blade Runner (played by Harrison Ford) … Continue reading

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