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Recommended Reading: Predator One by Jonathan Maberry

Let me start this by addressing what may well be the elephant in the room if you are of like mind with me, the cover art on this book is awful. ┬áSeveral people who have seen me reading the book … Continue reading

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PolyNerdic Review: Rapid Fire Edition (Why do a Single Review when I Could do 14?)

So it recently occurred to me that I’ve played a number of games, watched a few movies and read a few things over the last few weeks (er, months) and have never, EEEEVVVEEERRRR gotten around to writing anything about them … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ready Player One

Just finished reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline this afternoon and have spent the last hour or so trying to wrap my head around the book and my thoughts on it so I could give it a proper review. … Continue reading

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