So, some of you might be curious about why I call this PolyNerdic.

I came across the name in a number of ways.

First and foremost is the obvious fact that at 30+ years of age I am quite comfortable with my nerdy nature.  I am long past the age where I can waste energy caring what people think and have come to embrace who I am.

I also happen to be a nerd cut from multiple cloths.

I am a comic book nerd, a video game nerd, a sci-fi nerd, a fantasy nerd, a food-nerd (think foodie without the pretension) and even a sports-nerd (you’re kidding yourself if you for one moment you think obsessing about who has the most touchdowns or what some prospect’s 40 yard dash time is is in any way less nerdy than the guys who can tell you the DPS of a legendary loot item or the effective range of a TIE fighter is).

One could say as far as nerdy stuff goes I try to be a renaissance man.

A polymath.

A PolyNerd.

And thus my blog was titled.

Poly meaning many, Nerd meaning…well nerd and the suffix “ic” meaning “having the character or form of”.

So as I am a nerd of many interests I could think of no better name.

So now that you know what the name means let me introduce you to:

The PolyNerdic Team



My name is Shad.

If you read everything above my picture than you already know the pertinent info about me.

Presently I do 100% of the writing around here and nearly all of the streaming/videos associated with this blog.


The lovely miss Chelcie or Chelsbells (or Chelraizer as I like to call her) has streamed some Minecraft on my channel a time or two and has sporadically joined me on streams and videos.

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Make sure you like, follow or subscribe on any or all of the above to stay current with us.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)


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