The Dreadcitement of New Consoles: The OrNERDnary Podcast #98

Have you been following the rumors?

Did you hear the news?

Read the articles at Wired and Kotaku and others about the PS5?

New consoles are definitely on the horizon and you know what the means for a blue collar, paycheck to paycheck living fella like me, the dreadcitemant of new consoles. The excitement of the new games that look better and better and the dread of the cost of entry to the next generation.

Also this week I discuss:
-Capcom and their Home Arcade (aka giant Capcom logo for your home that plays an underwhelming collection of games). content: new videos galore
-Phoenix Wright is awesome.
-Owning your passions and not being ashamed of them
-Loads of PNPW stuff for those that like that nonsense.
-Sega adds new games to the list for the Mini-Genesis
-And more.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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