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A Five Pack of PolyNerdic Play Tests

I had the opportunity and pleasure to take a look at a number of games this weekend, from an old Battle Royale game arriving on console for the first time, to a handful of indie games and the release of … Continue reading

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But What if They Made These Games?: The OrNERDnary Podcast #51

The last couple of weeks have seen some surprising and frankly a few unsurprising announcements of upcoming games. This got the gears turning in my head and I’ve come up with a handful of games and franchises that haven’t been … Continue reading

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Upcoming Stuff in the World of PolyNerdic

Decided I should take a momentary break from writing the fifty-freaking-first episode of The OrNERDnary Podcast, the largely ignored and under appreciated but slowly growing weekly nerd-centric life and culture podcast for adults to tell you what sort of stuff … Continue reading

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PolyNerdic Plays: God of War

In case you’ve been under a rock the last month or so, Sony Santa Monica’s God of War is an absolutely freaking amazing game. I’ve had the pleasure of playing through about half of it with my best friend Sean … Continue reading

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Call of “Do We Really Need Another Battle Royale Game”: The OrNERDnary Podcast #50

Maybe it’s just me but Call of Duty really, really, really looks like it’s missing the mark the year. Their big reveal event left me incredibly frustrated and more than happy to not be spending $60 on their product this … Continue reading

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Rage 2 is Coming and I Didn’t Realize How Much I’d Secretly Desired a Sequel Until Now

The original Rage had a lot of potential and frankly lived up to most of it, only just falling short of being a great game thanks to a lackluster final sequence and annoying, “let’s not resolve anything” ending. The narrative … Continue reading

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Time is Precious So Here’s an Episode that Will Take About 1/2 Your Time: The OrNERDnary Podcast #49

This week was an extremely busy week that kept me on the run and unable to sit down to take in all the happenings in the world of nerdy nonsense. So because I couldn’t find time to take a deep … Continue reading

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