This Week on The OrNERDnary Podcast…

Once again we find ourselves looking at a Saturday morning.

And once again The OrNERDnary Podcast is here ready for you to devote a tiny portion of your morning letting it into your mind through your earholes.

This week we are tackling the thorny subject of fandoms expecting too much of creators/artists and turning into a bunch of hostile entitled clowns as well as why the internet could potentially be awesome if we weren’t such asshats.

I also talk about a variety of things from Overwatch’s latest event, the Death Wish trailer controversy, casting news and admitting that I’ve never seen a certain classic Sci-Fi film among other things.

Please listen and enjoy.

And of course don’t forget to share with your nerdy, pop-culture minded friends.

Also don’t forget to hit the “Ask PolyNerdic” link at the top of the page to drop me a line and hit me with something you want to hear me speak about in coming episodes.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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