The OrNERDnary Podcast #8: A SDCC 2017 Recap

I know it’s a little late this morning, I overslept and missed my usual upload time AND its a slightly longer than usual episode so I think those factors are teaming up to create the delay.

Note: I also just had to reupload it as the initial upload failed, which apparently was the cause of the delay as the 2nd attempt uploaded in practically a heartbeat.

But The OrNERDnary Podcast has finally uploaded and is ready to please your earholes.

As for the episode description itself:

Brace yourself folks this week’s episode is a long one thanks to the tidal wave of awesome nerdy news that came out of San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

I don’t cover everything here but I do go over my favorite bits of news and speculation. Talking extensively about a number of trailers and the rumors that this year’s Con unleashed on us.

I go over the Justice League trailer and the news surrounding the reshoots. The Ben Affleck Batman rumors, the Flashpoint movie and what it COULD mean for the DCeU. This leads to a bit of ranting about both the DC New 52 continuity and the ending of Batman v Superman as well. New DC animated movies are announced and I touch on the Captain Marvel MCU movie news.

In short we cover a lot of ground here.

So give it a listen and enjoy my views on what was a pretty awesome barrage of nerdy goodness.

In lieu of the links here are the videos I mentioned in the podcast:

Movieverse: The Kingsmen: The Gold Circle Trailer Reaction:

Movieverse: The Defenders Trailer Reaction:

Movieverse: Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Reaction:

Movieverse: Ready Player One Trailer Reaction:

Movieverse: Thor Ragnarok Trailer Reaction:

Movieverse: Justice League Trailer Reaction:

PolyNerdic Play Test: Serial Cleaner:

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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