PolyNerdic Play Test: Friday the 13th The Game

It’s finally here!


After years and years of development hell the Friday the 13th game has finally arrived.

Well sort of.

It launched Friday but for upwards of 40-50% of the people who bought it it was very, very difficult if not impossible to play all day Saturday and into Sunday morning.

I myself burnt about 2 1/4 hours on Saturday coming back to the game and firing it up in the hopes of getting it to work.

But then as the sun was rising Sunday morning and I was preparing to call it a day I fired the game up and it actually worked.

And it was glorious.

Running for my life from a human controlled unstoppable killing machine took the good parts of Alien:Isolation and made them better by replacing the monster’s AI brains with a human being.

First match I managed to be the last man standing before Jason found me, smashed his way into my hiding place and chased me down.

Second match I managed to survive the full twenty minutes and barely escaped the clutches of the undead giant.

Third match I grabbed the car keys early on and when I spotted that two others had fueled the car and replaced the battery I swept in and took the car from them.  One of them joined me and we tried to make our escape before colliding, literally, with Jason.  When I restarted the car I accidentally ran my new buddy over trying to escape certain death and drove off, his corpse mushed into the dust as I did Jason’s work for him.  Eventually I escaped and earned one of my new all time favorite achievements.  “Chad is a Dick” for escaping in the car by myself while others were still fighting to survive.

Many of these things are in the video below.  I apologize if I’m ramble a little in it as it is very early on Sunday morning and the need for sleep is catching up to me.


And pick the game up if you can, I can use the friendly faces to play with.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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