I Stand Corrected: Revisiting the 2016 Hail Hydra/Captain America Story

Nearly a year ago in May of 2016 we were treated to this shocking twist.


Knee jerk reaction being knee jerk (extra emphasis on jerk), the comic book nerd corner of the internet exploded in a fit of rage.

I sit here red faced in admission that I too bit on the hook and wrote this.

Over the last few days I have read the complete opening volume of Nick Spencer’s Captain America story and well…

It’s actually quite good.

The sudden turncoat nature of Steve Rogers is actually quite well spelled out and makes sense (in a comic book sort of way).

It also ties beautifully in with the Civil War 2 story arc.

I don’t often fall into the whole outrage culture thing but as much as it hurts to admit it I definitely did this time.

Check it out, Cap as a secret Hydra agent is actually working quite well.

If I were giving it a rating I’d give it a 9 on the PolyNerdic scale as I feel it is a must read for Captain America fans, especially those who have calmed down over the last year.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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