Kinda Full Circle: Bringing Closure to the Kinda Funny Break-Up

I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and assume if you’re reading any of my musings here in this quaint little corner of the internet you either arrived entirely by accident or you’re the sort of person who is likely already aware of what Kinda Funny is, who the players are and what went down last month.

I could spend a lot of time talking about my personal feelings about what went down but at this point that is largely wasted energy.  I had only relatively recently discovered Kinda Funny when Dan Ryckert (of Giant Bomb/Game Informer) fame showed up to promote his latest book (and excellent read but not what this is about).  I immediately recognized Greg Miller from his days at IGN and began looking more into this group of guys.

The more I watched the more I began to enjoy this new found source of nerd culture centric entertainment and felt particularly intrigued by Colin Moriarty and his views and stances on video games and politics.  As someone who has always leaned somewhere in the vicinity of moderate libertarianism it was refreshing to see a games media personality that didn’t lean hard left as many do.  I thoroughly enjoyed what Colin brought to the group and particularly enjoyed his dynamic with Greg on their Playstation podcast PS: I Love You XOXO.  Colin frequently expressed game opinions I wholeheartedly agreed with, many of which he seemed to be the only one saying.

While my fandom has only lasted a few short months I was still heartbroken when news broke just before PAX that Colin was leaving Kinda Funny with little preamble.  Suddenly I had lost one half of my favorite duo in this newly discovered source of entertainment and a key part in the over all product they produced.  As a fan matters were made worse by the semi-public nature of the break-up with a lot of vitriol and rumors being tossed around by the community and internet as a whole.  I won’t go into the ugliness as it serves nothing at this point and really isn’t my story to tell in the first place but even as a new fan it was a rough thing to watch.  It really was like watching a couple you were mutually friendly with fall apart.

Today I noticed in my podcast feed that a few days back the Colin rejoined the Kinda Funny guys for one last GameOverGreggy Show and much to my delight it sort of brought closure to the whole debacle.  Colin has moved on to a completely different sort of entertainment (or is it edutainment?) with his newly launched Colin’s Last Stand and the Kinda Funny guys are continuing to do their own brand of nerd culture thing (although I have to admit I have not watched them much at all since Colin left).

I won’t put words in their mouths so if you’re interested I’ll post the video version of the podcast below.

I just wanted to take time to thank them for putting this video/podcast out as I have already said a couple of times, it brought some much needed closure.  Seeing the four of them sitting around the table again, in part explaining some of what led to the “break-up” and putting to rest many of the rumors of hostility between them felt, well, heartwarming.

I for one will miss what Colin brought to the Kinda Funny product but am very interested in seeing where CLS goes in the future as Colin focuses more on history and politics, the former of which I have always held a deep love of myself (the latter not so much).

Of course I’ll no doubt fall back into the Kinda Funny fold too, the way they’ve done things is hugely inspirational in a world where chasing your dream is often a dying art and I still love what they do.

Enough of my ramblings, here’s the video.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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