2017 First Quarter Update

As the end of March rapidly approaches I felt it was time to take a look at the games I’ve successfully finished so far this year.

This is not a list of games I’ve simply played because there are quite a few that I’ve dabbled in but not yet finished in 2017.  These titles include the following: Shadow Warrior, Uncharted 3 (been chipping away at if for ages), Child of Light, Retro City Rampage, Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, Oceanhorn, Bastion, Slain, Borderlands 2 and a handful of others.

No, this list is comprised of games I’ve completed this calendar year, a few of the early ones being games that I actually started prior to January 1st, 2017.

This list also is not limited to games that are 100% or that I’ve obtained platinum trophies for.

To make this list a game just needs to have rolled its end credits on my screen some time in the last 90 or so days, give or take a week or so.  This also includes games that I’ve previously beaten but played through again either for a stream or for the hell of it.  I will put a cap of a single entry on this list though as it would be far too easy to breeze through short games a dozen times between longer games to pad the list.

As we near the end of the first quarter of 2017 my completed games list looks like this:

  1. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition (no DLC)
  2. Superhot (2nd time beating the game, first time streamed)
  3. Inside
  4. Batman the Telltale Series
  5. Grow Home
  6. Journey
  7. Resident Evil 7
  8. Broforce
  9. Stardew Valley (got married, completed community center, etc)
  10. Tales from the Borderlands
  11. Firewatch
  12. Hitman (2016)
  13. Oxenfree
  14. Horizon Zero Dawn
  15. Night in the Woods

Of those games the only one that didn’t have a lengthy presence on a live stream was Horizon but that will happen at some point in the future, likely once I’ve whittled down the list of games waiting to be streamed.

So far 2017 has been an excellent year for games but looking forward I fear the non-stop deluge of excellent titles may start turning into a trickle soon.

I look forward to finding more of those unexpected hits though.  If you had told me at the beginning of the year that I’d have enjoyed a game about a plant growing robot, a man performing fire watch in a park or playing as an anthropomorphic cat woman returning home from college I’d have stared at you with a blank look of uncomprehending stupor.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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