Extra Life 2016 is Now Behind Us

This past weekend saw the arrival of the big day.

After months of planning, arranging to have friends over to help with the stream, selecting and stockpiling games for game day and of course repeatedly and tirelessly attempting to spread the word of the event and its intent as a means to raise money for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Last year was my first time participating in the event and with little forethought or planning I raised $75 for my local Children’s Hospital.

My hope was that this year, with all the planning and energy spent in preparation, I would see more success and when I had raised $50 before the day of the event it allowed me to believe that success was possible.

Sadly the event happened and while my friends and I tried our best we did not see a penny more added to our charity coffers.  Out total still sits at $50.

The good news is that collectively charity minded gamers have managed to raise an incredible $6.6 million dollars.

The better news is that donations are still being taken in, which means if you didn’t get to watch or donate during our stream on the 12th there is still plenty of time to do so here.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with the results of my personal efforts as I wanted so much more from this year’s event and despite all my energy I managed to take a step backwards.

I’ll have to try harder this year to build a larger presence and bigger community so as to not be as overshadowed by the “big guys” (Rooster Teeth was also streaming on the 12th and pulled in almost $700,000, Giant Bomb pulled down over $200,000 the week before along with Game Informer at $41,000).  While I doubt I’ll see their kinds of viewership anytime soon I would like to have built the community around PolyNerdic up to a level that at least sees an interested and invested following that can push next year’s fundraiser closer to the meager $200 goal that has yet to be reached in two attempts.

As for this year I’d like to thank the following people:

My friend Andrea for her donation.

My girlfriend and partner Chelcie for her donation as well as for keeping us fed and hydrated while we played.

My brother from another mother Sean for joining me in a little bit of co-op gaming with Overcooked and Broforce.

My lifelong friend Roger for attempting to up my viewer count by hosting my stream on his channel.

And of course the viewers who came and went throughout the stream.

All of you combined made the stream a blast to put on in spite of how I felt about the results.

There is always next year and let’s not forget the many, many, many streams and posts that I will be putting out between now and then as I continue to nurture and grow PolyNerdic beyond its current borders.

Thank you all for taking part.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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One Response to Extra Life 2016 is Now Behind Us

  1. mh4wp says:

    I donated to Capcom Vancouver employees for the British Columbia Children’s Hospital.


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