Well I Wanted to Play Something Scary

Back at the start of October I said I was going to spend the month streaming scary games.

I listed a few that I have available to play, including two of my personal favorites Outlast and Outlast:Whistleblower.

A couple of days ago I noticed that Outlast 2 was available among the downloadable demos.

I immediately started the download and marked this morning as the morning I would be diving into what I expected to be the sick and twisted world of Outlast once again.

I just finished a 30 minute run with the demo….I was not disappointed.

Which is to say the game is terrifying in the utterly pitch perfect way the original was.

Yes there are jump scares and they are way more effective than any similar scares in any horror film I’ve ever seen.  The game roped me in, had me focusing on what I was doing before dropping the scare on me.  Movies don’t do that.

There were also a share of disturbing images, some twisted religious symbolism, some just gritty gore and a few really bizarre and horrific sights.

For that reason I’ve put the old age filter on the video but please watch it.

I watched part of it again while typing this and find my own visceral reactions to what unfolds to be as hilarious as the game was frightening.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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