If I Were Casting the DCEU

Ever since the announcement that Gal Gadot would be playing Wonder Woman and Ben Affleck would be Batman I have found myself doing what millions of arm-chair casting directors have done and have spent quite a bit of time with the mental exercise of pairing up performers with my beloved DC characters in a way that is admittedly far more in line with my own personal tastes and fandoms.

Part of this exercise has also included concocting my own personal take on how the DCEU should flow, which story-lines should be adapted and when, but that is not going to be included here.

I’m going to spare you my take on the shared DC universe (for now) and just give you my take on which men and women should be playing which character in the PolyNerdic version of the DCEU.

Let me start by saying at this point I’m perfectly happy to keep Henry Cavill as Superman (as well as his assorted supporting characters such as Amy Adams as Lois Lane) and even though some people hated his performance, I’m okay with Affleck as Batman as long as the character was tweaked to be less murdery and much more of a detective.

Over time I may add to or change entries on this list as new ideas come to me so keep an eye out for the updated entries as they happen.

As for the actual list I’m going to begin with the obvious one…

Wonder Woman.

I know the film has already been shot and she’s working on what will be her third appearance in the DCEU in Justice League but even though I’ve worked hard to just accept reality I still am not sold on Gal Gadot.  I’m still going to see her movie next year (because it looks awesome) but this is a fantasy list and the internet repeatedly reminds me that I am not alone in believing that there is a better choice out there.

Gina Carano.

This one seems super obvious to almost everyone who doesn’t work in casting at Warner Brothers.


The woman not only has a much more Wonder Woman-esque look to her but is also a legit bad-ass, boasting a 12-1-1 record in Muay Thai and a 7-1 record in MMA.


Her name has always been a popular one in these debates, with the only downside I’ve seen mentioned is her relative inexperience as an actress.  Comparatively speaking though, I found her performance in Deadpool to be superior to WB’s actual choice in BvS (jury is still out on if Ms. Gadot can carry WW through a full film).

For my money there isn’t an actress out there that better embodies the character (just try and imagine the image below as less black leather and more Wonder Woman’s iconic blue and red).


Lex Luthor:

I’m not sure if I’d rather scrap Jesse Eisenberg altogether or keep him on as Alexander Luthor Jr but I am 100% positive that I need a more traditional Lex in my DCEU.

Rumors were everywhere not that long ago at a certain frequently bald, bad-ass actor was in the running for the role of one of the few entertaining Superman villains and if were calling the shots, there would be only one man who could take that role.


Harley Quinn

I’ll probably get a bit of hate for this but I was extremely underwhelmed by Margot Robbie’s performance as everyone’s favorite psychotic clown lady.  She wasn’t bad but her performance, from the never quite right and always wavering accent to her general look and mannerisms, just didn’t hit the mark I was hoping for.  In my mind there are a few talented actresses with comedic chops that could have taken the role and ran with it (Alison Brie was the forerunner for a while if they did an Injustice style Quinn) but a couple of months back I saw a movie about an obnoxious gymnast that cemented my choice.

Melissa Rauch


If you’re heard her on the Nerdist Podcast back in April or are among the dozens who apparently also watched The Bronze you are aware that she is a Jersey girl who posses the natural ability to nail Harley’s voice and can play the sort of lovable horrible person that Quinn is.  Sure she carries the stigma that comes with being one of the principle cast members of the highly rated yet seemingly reviled Big Bang Theory but I feel this role could have been a launching point into less sitcoms and more movies for her.

Also check out The Bronze, it’s criminal it wasn’t supported.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Warner Brothers was on the cusp of greatness with this one and then, by all appearances, went a completely different route.

If you saw Suicide Squad, you saw my choice for this character as a member of the team accompanying/handling the titular team of villains.  You also saw a great potential twist go untouched/ignored.

Scott Eastwood should have been playing an undercover Dick Grayson.  In the lead up to Suicide Squad the internet was abuzz with rumors about who the young Eastwood would be playing, everyone from Grayson to a young Slade Wilson.  My personal favorite theory would be him playing an undercover Grayson, much like his recent run in the comics.  Some people even started making fan art of him as Nightwing.


Yet another dropped ball by the powers that be at WB.


Seeing as Affleck’s Batman is a little older it would be fitting to see his villains be slight older too, a factor that also effected my Harley Quinn decision earlier.

When it comes to female villains in the Batman universe there are few as iconic as Catwoman and if we’re talking a slight older Catwoman I think I know someone that would quite well.

Maggie Siff


Probably most famous for her role on Sons of Anarchy I think the 42 year old actress would be great as an older Selina Kyle opposite Affleck’s Batman.  In my book she was one of the strongest female roles on SoA and could bring a lot to the role of the Cat in the Bat’s life.

Poison Ivy

Speaking of Batman villains that should remain slightly older in order to stay in line with the current Batman without losing any appeal.

Poison Ivy, the mankind hating redhead bombshell can truly only be played by one actress in my book.

Christina Hendricks


We desperately need a Poison Ivy that can erase the memory of Uma Thurman’s absolutely atrocious attempt at the character in Batman and Robin.  Ms. Hendricks has the look and presence to do just that and at 41 also pairs up with the older Batman.

I think that’s a good start to this list.

I’m still kicking around ideas for Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Killer Frost, Deadshot, Zatanna, Raven, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress and a litany of others but I really wanted to post this after working on this particular post for what feels like ages.

I’ll likely be back another time with updates to continue to flesh out this list.

It’s been a fun exercise, has led to a lot of debates with my coworkers and friends, so I’ll definitely be coming back to it again.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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