October is Upon Us and You Know What That Means

Well, folks.

It happened.

October arrived ahead of schedule…well not really, it arrived on time but I was running behind on my own personal time table but I digress.

October means Halloween.  Halloween means scary, spooky stuff.  I have in my possession a handful of games that tell terrifying tales.

You know it feels like we could work something out with this situation.

I got it.

In the month of October I will be exclusively streaming Banjo and Kazooie games….no wait that’s not it.

October, Halloween, Scary, Death, Video Games….wait, wait, wait, it’s coming to me now.

We’re going to play scary games!

If you’re one of the five or so people who pay attention to such things, a couple of Sundays back I started a play-through of Beyond Good and Evil and wanted to have it finished by now…but sadly that’s not the case.

The BG&E play-through is going to have to wait until the far side of October, this month will be dedicated to games of a macabre nature or that contain elements of horror.

I’m going to do my best to stream as often as possible during October, even if I can only pull down an hour or two at a time but here are some of the games I’m looking at:

Until Dawn

Resident Evil

Dead Space (finishing what I started early in the year)

I also may sprinkle in a little of the first two Doom games or some Castlevania:SOTN for a little old school variety.

It’s going to be a good time, you should totally join me for the fun live over here and for archived goodness here.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)


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