Double DVD Review: Mr. Right and The Bronze

Recently I found myself scrolling through the selections available at the rental kiosk named for a cardboard container of specific color in my chosen grocery store when I stumbled across a pair of movies that I immediately knew I needed to see.

Mr. Right and The Bronze.

I made my selections and rushed home to watch them and…well if I finish this sentence it will negate the need to write the rest of this article, so I’ll stop right there and get on with the proper review in the hopes that you’ll keep reading.


Mr. Right stars Sam Rockwell as a skilled hitman and Anna Kendrick as the recently heartbroken young woman who meets and immediately connects with him.

Rockwell is brilliant as always in the role of the hitman with a peculiar code, walking the line between being funny and charming yet also being convincing as a skilled killer.  Kendrick shines in yet another role as a goofy and quirky young woman.  The two of them together had excellent chemistry and may well be my new favorite on screen pairing.   Their date scenes in particular were spectacular as the clueless Martha laughs off the completely open and honest statements about what the new man in her life does for a living.

Tim Roth is also amazing in the supporting role as a former colleague of Rockwell’s who is now trying to eliminate him.

I would love to talk about the move at length but this is one that would be spoiled the moment I start gushing over specific scenes and sequences.

Make sure you find a way to see this movie, while I’m admittedly biased as I rank the leads amongst my favorite performers of all time, I feel this movie did not get the attention it deserves and should be seen by everyone.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10.  A perfect mash up of romantic comedy and action tropes with a stellar cast performing at their best.


Written by and starring Melissa Rauch (co-written by her husband), The Bronze is a movie that has been on my radar ever since I listened to Mrs. Rauch on an episode of the Nerdist podcast.

I’ve been a fan of hers for a long while, considering her arguably one of the best parts of the much maligned/loved Big Bang Theory, and as such looked forward to her in more of a starring role.

In The Bronze she plays a former Olympic gymnast from a small northern Ohio town who has never let go of the moment she won the bronze medal as a teen.  From the start it is very apparent that her character, Hope Ann Greggory, is crappy human being.  Aside from spending the vast majority of the movie wearing the warm-ups from her Olympic days and referring to herself as a national hero with zero irony the very first shot of her is her pleasuring herself to the tape of her Olympic performance followed immediately by her climbing into the back of her father’s (played by Gary Cole) postal truck to steal money from the letters inside.

Eventually she finds herself begrudgingly coaching an up-and-coming young gymnast (Haley Lu Richardson) as she prepares to go to the next Olympic games.  Initially she tries to sabotage the young woman’s chances but when an old rival (played by Sebastian Stan of Winter Soldier fame) arrives as a representative of the US team she is forced to try and coach the young woman properly.

I found the movie to be absolutely hilarious in spite of how awful a person Hope Ann Greggory is.  The whole cast really nails their characters, from Gary Cole’s well meaning but oft-embattled and abused father to Sebastian Stan’s arrogant asshole coach to Haley Lu Richardson’s sickeningly sweet and cheerful gymnast, the movie clicks because of their combined performances.

It also needs to be said that I have never before laughed as hard at a sex scene as I have at the one in this film.  I don’t want to spoil it but they take the idea of super limber gymnast sex and turn it up to eleven and is a must see for the more perverted readers out there.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10.  The Bronze was the perfect tale of a fall from fame, the desperate attempt to hold onto it and ultimately finding redemption all while maintaining a steady stream of laughter.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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