Punish Rage Quiters, Not Server Issues

I recently received Overwatch as an early Father’s Day gift from my nerdy better half and while I haven’t had a lot of time to play it (far from enough to write a formal review) I have been largely loving the experiences I’ve had with it.  Win or lose, well orchestrated beating or total cluster-fuck, it has nearly all been great fun.

But one problem has reared its head this week.

While Overwatch is an undeniably excellent game most of the time, this week I’ve been experiencing a number of connection issues with the server.

The game says it is joining a match, starts to load one, briefly kicks me back to the menu before going back into the load screen and the cycle repeats until either the connection breaks itself or I manage to quit the “match”.

After about six or seven of these failures (two of which you see in the video below) I started receiving warnings about “leaver penalties”. I haven’t been able to play for a few days but today I was able to get a few successful matches in before experiencing the connection difficulties at the start of a match again. Sure enough the first time I successfully entered a match I found myself looking at a 75% reduction in my EXP as punishment for “leaving matches early” which is freaking absurd since I never actually set foot in a match.

From what I have found the system is not supposed to count you as a “leaver” if you leave either during the “team assemble” phase at the start of the match (before the starting spawn room segment of the match) or if you leave after the “victory/defeat” screen at the end of the match.  It will however count as a “leave” if you exit the match between those two points (otherwise known as the match itself).  It will also count as a “leave” if you are kicked for inactivity, which I kind of understand since I’ve often seen players troll others by joining a match and never moving but what pisses me off is that it also counts connection failures as leaving.

In what I experienced I never even got to the character select screen yet am being punished for essentially rage quitting a series of ten or so matches.  This admittedly puts a bit of a dark cloud on my time with the game as I apparently have to achieve a certain number of complete games in order to get out of the proverbial penalty box I’m in (one I shouldn’t be in to begin with) all while watching my efforts reduced to 25% of what they are actually worth.

Blizzard needs to fix this system and soon.

See for yourself below.  I’ll be working my way out of my penalty so I can once again enjoy this amazing game and get to a point where I can write a proper review without this mess in the way.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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