Updating the MCU Rankings

About nine months ago I finally got around to putting the Marvel Cinematic Universe films into a ranked order.

If you wish to see the original article and my rationale for each film you can do so here as on this post I’ll be attempting to summarize in a sentence or two.

Now that Captain America: Civil War has been released it is obviously time to update the list.

Before I go I’d like you to read my review of Captain America: Civil War over at MovieverseOnline.com so you can get a better read on my thoughts.

Starting with number thirteen:

13 ) Iron Man 3 – Still can’t forgive them for the horrible misuse of Ben Kingsley or for Super Potts at the end.

12 ) Thor – Did a great job of introducing lots of characters and concepts for the overall MCU but only slightly better than the final (for now) Iron Man solo tale.

11 ) The Indcredible Hulk – In my opinion is still the most underrated of all the MCU films.  Made some major miss-steps with the disappearance of the “Mr. Blue” character from the continuity

10 ) Thor: The Dark World – Gave me more of what I loved about the first Thor but horribly misused Christopher Eccelston as the villain.

9 ) Iron Man 2 – More villain misuse plagued this film, I wanted so much more from Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell.

8 ) The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Fairly solid outing that many were underwhelmed by, had some memorable moments and performances but there are still a little more than a half dozen other films that are better.

7 ) Captain America: The First Avenger – I still love this movie after all these years, such a heartwarming tale watching Cap go from a 90 lbs weakling to a super soldier with great performances from Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell and Hugo Weaving among others.

6 ) Ant-Man – A great palate cleanser after all the high stakes films to have come before it.

5 ) Iron Man – The one that started it all.

4 ) The Avengers – The one that proved the MCU shared universe plan could work and capped off Phase 1.

3 ) Guardians of the Galaxy – Still in awe over how a film full of characters I had no history with was able to blow my mind the way it did.

Let’s take a moment and build some suspense.  If you are familiar with my old list or bothered to take a look at it again you should know that 13-3 were in the same order they were before.

That means obviously Captain America: Civil War either unseated The Winter Soldier or fell short and landed in the number two slot.

I mean if you read my review (once again found here) you should that I quite liked the movie, feeling it fell just short of perfect.

But you also may well be aware of the fact that The Winter Soldier is a film I also hold in high esteem.

So which one do you think comes next?

I’ll wait while you think about it.

Are you ready?

Drum roll please, coming in at number 2 is:

2 ) Captain America: Civil War – Wait what?!  How could this be?  Well…Civil war is a very, very, very fine film.  I gave it a 9.  I loved.  I want to see it again.  The action was fantastic, I loved how they did the conflict with Stark and Rogers (Team Cap all the way to the end and beyond) and the way all the characters (old and new) were given awesome showcase moments during the fight.  I even loved the way the villain was utilized, possibly even go so far as to feel that this may be the best villain yet in a MCU film.  All that said it falls just short of the #1 spot and I do mean JUST short.  If I were to break their review scores to down further Civil War is a 9 but Winter Soldier would be a 9.001, that is what I mean by just falls short.

So obviously that brings us to:

1 ) Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Still my all time favorite MCU film, barely surviving the onslaught of awesome that was Civil War.  The whole film just works so well for me and honestly does a good job of spelling out why Rogers is the man he is in Civil War.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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