Overwatch Beta Thoughts


The Overwatch beta test is currently running (until May 10th) and I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with it the last two days.

I’ve often read that the game is a lot like Team Fortress, a game I’ve never played but I can safely say it isn’t anything like the FPS games I’ve ever played.

My general opinion at this time is that the game is a whole lot of fun with the potential for even more fun with a properly organized team of friends working together.

I say that last bit because the game is definitely designed for the two teams of six to be working together and not Rambo-ing it like you can in a Call of Duty game.  About half the time I’ve found myself on teams that aren’t playing together at all and in those instances we’ve been destroyed.  Flip side of that coin of course were times when everyone worked well together, selected characters that complimented each other and won the match.

The character designs are fantastic ranging from snipers that can one shot you from a distance (including with a bow and arrow), melee attackers that come at you with swords or a war hammer and everything in between.  All in all I really love the game’s art style and personality.

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The game is not without its issues though.  On some maps one team or the other will be way too far away from the objective at the start of the match.  Several times I plodded my way through the level (most characters have one movement speed) desperately trying to make it back to the objective, watching in utter panic and frustration as the icon showing the enemy team’s progress filled.  Also a few maps have severe choke points that can easily be exploited to keep most characters from approaching the area.  Also the lack of a limit to the amount of a specific characters can also be a pain depending on the situation.  I’ve been on teams where people have blatantly ignored the on screen prompts promoting balance and 3/4 of the team chose marginally to completely ineffectual characters.  I’ve also witnessed first hand the extremely cheesy tactic of four Torbjorns setting up their turrets in a choke point leading to my team getting absolutely meat-grindered as a result as I gnashed my teeth in frustration trying futilely to take the turrets out to clear the way.

These are relatively small things but tweaking them would help the game immensely.

I’m definitely interested in picking up Overwatch when it comes out but with my super limited budget and the number of other games coming (Doom included) I don’t know if I’ll get it while people are still playing it.  I figure if I don’t have it before CoD and Battlefield this fall there may not be many people left playing it.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)



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