PolyNerdic Unboxing Plan B

So I tried and failed to successfully make an unboxing video yet again.

I recorded a legit unboxing that when played back did this obnoxious Max Headroom thing with my motions and voice.

I re-recorded the video without the genuine reactions to first seeing what was in the box (think of it as letting a child open a birthday present but making them put it back in the box and do it again because you weren’t filming) only to have the audio on that video distort and give me demon voice.

So once again I find myself forced to do this text and image based unboxing post instead.

The May Legion of Collectors Box was DC Television themed and here is what was inside:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An undeniably awesome box and one I’m very happy to receive after I forgot to cancel it last month.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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