PolyNerdic Play Test Live: Party Hard

Found myself with about 30 minutes to kill tonight and wouldn’t you know it I also had about 28 minutes left on a free trial of the bizarre murder puzzler, Party Hard.

The story of Party Hard is a simple one.  People are partying.  The parties are loud.  So loud that the player character is unable to sleep.  The player character also happens to be a mask wearing, knife wielding madman.

As you can imagine when the player arrives at the party things are about to go south but they do so in a darkly comedic way.  The parties appear to be semi-randomly generated as some rooms change from one play-through to the next.  I’ve noticed that on one play-through a room was an office, on the next a bedroom and on the third it was a drug lab.  The goal of the game is simple, kill everyone at the party without getting arrested or killed yourself.  This is where the slight puzzle elements of the game come in as finding out how to eliminate the party goers without being spotted and having the police show up.  Sometimes you get from the police, I’ve seen the SWAT team show up to bust up a drug deal and beat down everyone in the room and I’ve seen arriving police cars, fire trucks and ambulances run down people standing in front of the building.

The game is presented in a way that calls to mind something between the Atari and NES eras of my youth and triggers a nostalgic type love in me.  Party Hard is as silly as it is violent and in my opinion is well worth the $12 price tag on Xbox Live Marketplace.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)



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