Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

While I was sleeping off last night’s Dark Souls 3 live stream the reveal trailer for one of the industry’s worst kept secrets arrived.

First of all, can anyone think of anything more disparate in recent memory than a cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity and a Call of Duty game?

Yeah I get the whole “we’re taking the Call of Duty you love and putting it in space!!!!” idea but it just didn’t work for me.  To their credit they tried to match up the song with the shots they selected for the trailer but I had a real difficult time getting past the absurdity of the marriage of the game and song.

As for the footage itself…looks like a Call of Duty game.

Another Call of Duty game set in a fictional future war.

Yes they went back to the well again for fake future war.  At this point I feel even more jaded than I did over the constant revisiting of WW2.  We had future war in parts of Black Ops 2 and all of Advanced Warfare, Ghosts and in Black Ops 3, the worst part being that the three developer cycle Activision uses created three separate fake future worlds to sort out.  Call of Duty games have never had the strongest of storytelling and these future war ones are making it even worse.  I can’t recall once having any well fleshed out sides in the wars I guiding a character through.  When you are setting your story in a world that isn’t real or has factions that don’t exist in the real world I find it highly vexing to when I’m just told the Global Homeland Front or the Interstellar Merchants League (or whatever other group you can arbitrarily name) are the bad guys and I need to kill them.  Shooters grounded in reality don’t need the narrative bump because we all sort of intrinsically know that Nazis were bad guys.  These fictional conflicts need a little more exposition than the CoD folks are willing or capable to give us and suffer for it.

In fact the stories have gotten so convoluted that even the main characters have a hard time sorting things out.

It’s probably just me though as I was once told by an avid CoD fan that “I don’t want any of that story bullshit, I just want to get in there and shoot shit.”

I don’t want to shit all over the game or concept but at this point the concept is definitely getting stale.  In Ghosts they sold it on the space gunfights (well that and realistic dog and fish tech) that were a very small part of the game and they appear to be doing the same here.  Hopefully they go more or less all in though and the space stuff featured so heavily in the trailer doesn’t end up being a level or two.  And while the video does a fantastic job of making the space dogfights look epic, this is a Call of Duty game so who wants to be that those segments will be on the rails turret type shooting segments or have very, very limited controls?

The remastered CoD4: Modern Warfare looks good and would definitely interest me but according to reports it will initially only be available with the $80 and up bundles, of which I have zero interest in buying.  Just release a remastered collection Activision, some of us have really fond memories of those earlier games and would love to play them once again with modern aesthetics.

All in all this reveal was pretty middle of the road for me.  News broke a while ago that Infinite Warfare would be the next game and that a CoD4 remaster was coming too so none of this was terribly surprising.  The Activision marketing team knows how to put a trailer together though and this was par for the course for them.  The visuals were all very well put together to invoke intensity and excitement but I’ve played enough of these games to hold back any sort of hyped up feelings until I have a copy of the game in hand.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)


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