PolyNerdic Play Test: Dark Souls 3

Spent a little bit of my free time this weekend with a rented copy of Dark Souls 3 and I have to say my thoughts are mixed.

To a point, I was really enjoying it as I made steady progress through the first area of the game.  Sure I was not exactly steam-rolling the enemies but even as I was relearning the controls for a series I haven’t played in years and was dying repeatedly I was still moving forward.

And then in the second hour I hit the wall hard.  A wall shaped like a big knight wielding a shield and sword.  And another one shaped like a knight with a spear and shield.  And another shaped like a few @$$holes with various weapons.  Oh and the one shaped like a massive knight crawling on all fours that crushed me with a mace larger than my body.

If I had to describe my experience thus far I could use one word.  Frusfuritaining.

Yes, not a typo.  Dark Souls is frusfuritaining.  Frustrating. Infuriating. Entertaining.

Below you’ll find a small sampling of the many, many deaths I suffered during my brief time with the game this weekend.  This is in no way ALL of my deaths but in the six minutes of video you’ll see plenty as I ineptly struggle against the enemies of the game, turning this Play Test into the aptly named “Rage Test”.

Yet in spite of my frustration I feel this game, unlike its predecessors, still calling to me.  I want to play more.  I feel myself craving its abuse not because I like the pain it causes but rather because of the elation I felt when I got the best of it (beating the first boss, tricking the first knight into eating a face full of dragon flame, etc).

Heaven help me I think I may even stream it tonight for a little while, creating a new character and maybe experimenting with a new build.


-Shad (PolyNerdic)

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