PolyNerdic Review: Ordinary by Rob Williams


Ordinary, written by Rob Williams with art by D’Israeli, tells the story of a world gone mad.  On a day that started like any other everyone the world over started developing super powers and undergoing amazing and/or bizarre transformations.

A baseball player becomes taller than some of New York’s tallest buildings.  A plumber turns into an anthropomorphic black bear.  An old woman de-ages to the point of becoming a puddle of fluid.  A man can conjure beer with a thought.  People turn into alien looking creatures, learn to fly or have tentacles sprout from their face like a Lovecraftian monster.

Everyone the world over experiences some crazy, horrific or miraculous change, well, everyone except Micheal. There is no nice way to say it but Michael is a loser.  He is divorced, barely hanging on, owes the wrong people money and is estranged from his son.  When everyone else changes, Michael becomes the single human on the face of planet earth to not develop a super power or experience a change.

It is largely through Mike’s eyes that we see how crazy the world has become.  He wants nothing more to make it through the chaos of New York to make sure his son is alive.  His son barely wants anything to do with him.  When the world discovers is abnormal ordinariness governments come searching for him.  Some want him dead, some want to experiment on him.

The story is at once hilarious and heartfelt, watching Mike interact with all the newly super powered people is humorous and I laughed out loud several times while reading it.  The book also has a few emotional moments that definitely pulled on my heartstrings a bit.  I won’t be hyperbolic and say it moved me to tears but there are moments that left me contemplating things like the human condition and sacrifice.

Ordinary is a graphic novel and appears to have no sequel that I can find which means the story within is all there is.  That in itself is a shame as I would have loved to see this messed up world continue on but as is the book is brilliant and definitely worth your time.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

Check it out, Ordinary is as heartwarming as it is amusing.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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