PolyNerdic Review: Batman Vol 6 Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift is the sixth volume of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run with the main Batman series and is an interesting book in a number of ways.

For those who haven’t been following, Snyder and Capullo’s run began with the amazing Court of Owls storyline, continued to be amazing with the Death of the Family arc and then, in my opinion, stumbled a little with the Zero Year arc.

Not that Zero Year was bad but I did not want to spend time going back to Batman’s early days as the Caped Crusader and felt burning two whole trade paper back volumes on the story was a volume too long.

I was hoping that with this volume I would get to back to Snyder and Capullo telling a “modern day” Batman story but much to my initial disappointment this book contains a collection of standalone stories that span the entirety of Batman’s run from Zero Year and its aftermath through the time when Batman was coping with the loss of Damian and on into the Batman Eternal era.

Obviously this collection of standalone stories are not exactly what I was looking for but by and large are great reads.  My personal favorite stories here are:

Tomorrow: I love this story because it shows Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Jason Todd prior to their runs as Robin in the shortened New 52 timeline.

Nowhere Man: A great Batman detective story dealing with Clayface and the framing of Bruce Wayne.  Also continues to show Bruce and Alfred dealing with the aftermath of Damian’s death.

Ghost Lights: Another story of Batman coping, this time with Superman at his side, as he deals with some disappearances of a supernatural variety.

The Meek: Another solid detective story as Batman hunts for a serial killer.

The other stories are far from bad but for one reason or another I didn’t enjoy them as much as those listed here.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

While not exactly what I was hoping for I did thoroughly enjoy this volume.  There was some excellent fanservice and fantastic storytelling throughout the book and it is definitely a must read for Bat-fans.

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