Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2 Has Arrived and Spoilers…It’s Fan-freaking-tastic

The new trailer for Captain America: Civil War dropped today and I was so excited by the news that I took a moment during a lunch out with my girlfriend (while she was away from the table) to watch it.

During the hour drive back and detour to the grocery store and bank I’ve been mulling it over and now I’m ready to share.

But first, the trailer:

Elephant in the room…Spider-Man looks AMAZING!  His freaking mask looks killer and for the second time in 2016 we’re getting a mask that freaking emotes.

Don’t understand what I mean?

Look at the closing shot of the trailer or go watch the Deadpool trailers again.  In comic books we’ve always had characters who can express some emotion despite having a full head covering mask on but the movies have never tried to do it before.  Either the eye holes are cut out of the mask (every Batman movie so far) or the eyes are simply part of the fabric (every Spider-Man movie to date).  Studios are finally learning!

Other noteworthy parts are:

  • How badass did Black Panther look chasing down the motorcycle?
  • Ant-man riding Hawkeye’s arrow.
  • Thunderbolt Ross explaining why “the people” are scared and are asking the big governments of the world to step in.
  • Stark piggybacking on Ross’s speech.
  • War Machine being shot out of the sky (my gut tells me they’d never give away a death in a trailer).
  • Black Widow telling Stark she’s not the one who needs to watch her back (dissension on team Stark?)
  • Stark’s vicious backhand on Rogers.
  • Stark telling Rogers to stay down and a bloodied Rogers saying “I can do this all day” (which is both my favorite part of the whole trailer and kind of brings it full circle back to the fight in the alley from the first Cap film)

My anticipation level for this movie was already sky-high but this trailer may have pushed it into the upper atmosphere.  I can’t wait for May to roll around and to be in the theater watching this.

As for trailer reactions, Brian over at Movieverse has wasted no time in getting a video out about it so please do me a favor and watch his reaction below and if you haven’t already subscribed please do so.

While you’re over there make sure you check out the PolyNerdic Youtube channel as well and give it a subscribe too.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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