PolyNerdic Unboxing: Legion of Collectors March 2016 (Batman vs Superman)


The very first in a new line of subscription boxes full of nerdy bits and baubles arrived at my door this morning.

I wanted to do a proper Unboxing video like I did for the Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool box (you can find it here) but as my PC is still FUBAR with a nasty virus and I simply was too impatient to try and figure out Chelcie’s laptop I am doing this the good old fashioned digital photograph way.

So what was in the inaugural Legion of Collectors box?

Just like with the Marvel box, a patch and pin are included.


I’m very tempted to find myself a decent jacket/hoodie to start applying the patches to as it won’t take long to end up with a collection just sitting around.

Opening the inner flap, laying right on top is the standard t-shirt and once again it is one I will definitely be wearing.


I dig the old school lucha libre style fight poster and light blue color.  I’ll no doubt be sporting this come the day I watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Of course what good would a Funko box be without some sort of Pop Vinyl Bobble-head (well except for those that have the killer mugs anyway)?



And what a killer bobble-head it is.  The Armored Batman makes for an excellent addition to my collection.

Of course they’ve also been adding the Dorbz line to these boxes and this time out a two pack arrived.


I would like this Superman and Aquaman pack a whole lot more if they weren’t colored in such an awkward manner.  The figures are “adorable” (hence the name) but instead of being properly colored Superman is almost a Kryptonite green and Aquaman is fittingly aqua-colored.

And lastly there is the single issue comic that comes standard in the boxes as well.


I’ve started flipping through it and have enjoyed the first couple of pages.  I vary rarely enjoy a standalone Superman comic but when he is paired with Batman or as a part of the Justice League I find him enjoyable (which is largely the case with most of the JL, I enjoy them together far more than apart).

All in all I have to confess that I found the box less awesome than I did the Deadpool box last month but would still recommend the service as if nothing else the t-shirt alone darn near pays for the whole thing and then the bobble-head and comic more than cover the rest.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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