PolyNerdic Plays: Shadow of Mordor

A couple of weeks back I finally got around to playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and like always recorded the whole thing as I made my way through the game.

I had initially picked it up for a couple of bucks back in November for the Extra Life marathon but largely left it unplayed until the middle of February.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game but it was not without its faults.  First and foremost is that the game is not quite long enough.  I spent a fair amount of time not doing quests and simply hunting down the various Uruk captains that lead the forces of Sauron’s army.  Even with all my time wasting I was able to finish the game in around 20 hours.  I left most of the game’s side quests untouched but I figured the main story would have stretched longer than a mere 20 hours.

My only other big complaint was that while the nemesis system and the hierarchy of the Uruk army made for some fascinating gameplay the actual in game bosses were kind of weak.  In the opening cinematic the main character watches his family die at the hands of three individuals calling themselves the Hand of Sauron, the Hammer of Sauron and the Tower.  The three look very sinister and imposing but of the three only one of them provided an actually entertaining fight and he is the first one you encounter.  The second one is more or less a life or death game of hide and seek where you have to creep around and ambush him a scant three or four times to defeat him and the other is a quick time event.

Yes, once again a QTE boss fight in a game made in a year after 2010.

But aside from those minor quibbles the game was amazing and I sincerely hope you’ll take a look at at least a few of the installments in the play-list below.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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