PolyNerdic Unboxing: Comic Bento February 2016 (Amped)

Well once again my PC has conspired against me and kept me from successfully putting together an Unboxing video for my Comic Bento box.

If I didn’t need it in order to write for this blog I might have set fire to it this afternoon but since I still wanted to share with you what came in the mail today I have no choice but to rely on the junker of a PC to do so.

This month’s theme was Amped.  The folks at Comic Bento pitched this one as being a musically themed box and as I am not the most music-centric person I opened this box with a bit of trepidation.

Picture 1088.jpg

While I’ll admit that I was far from instantly excited about this month’s offerings I am cautiously optimistic and will give each book its due.

Right on top was this book:

Picture 1089

The Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of the Spider-Verse

A prelude to the Spider-Verse event, this five part book focuses on five different versions of Spider-Man from the 1930s Spider-Man Noir to the debut of Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy from a universe where she, not Peter Parker, was the one who got bit by the radioactive spider).

Up next was this:

Picture 1090

Death Sentence

I’ve seen this one a number of times on various Youtube comic books shows and have been mildly interested in it ever since.  In this book the three main characters all contract the G+ Virus, a virus that gives its victims incredible powers but leaves them with six months to live.  I’m very interested in giving this one a read.

Up next:

Picture 1091.jpg

I don’t quite know what to make of this one.  I’ll freely admit to having never heard any Belle & Sebastian music prior to a few minutes ago when I searched them on Youtube (and didn’t really “feel” what I found) and as such don’t feel any attachment to their music.  This book is an anthology where several artists have taken the music of the Scottish indie pop band and created narratives inspired by the band’s work.  Honestly this is exactly the sort of book I feared would populate this box and while I’ll still give it a read I am not necessarily excited about it.

But I am excited about this last book:

Picture 1093

During my formative years, Alice Cooper was but one of many bands that formed the soundtrack of the period of my life known as high school.  While I felt zero attachment to the previous book this is a book crafted around an artist I’ve always loved and when I found it in this month’s box I couldn’t help but smile.  I really, really look forward to cracking this one open and seeing how one of my favorite classic rock acts transitions into one of my favorite mediums.

Once again I apologize for being unable to do this in a video like I intended.  I tried several times, recording and re-recording videos but something went awry every time I tried to upload it.  I’m hoping when my next Funko box arrives I’ll have the issues ironed out so that I’ll not only be able to share it but will be able to record my next Comic Bento unboxing as well.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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