PolyNerdic Plays: Far Cry 4 Complete Play-through

About a week ago I finished my play-through of the excellent Far Cry 4.

I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed the majority of the game, especially the plot.

For those unaware, you play as a young man returning the homeland he left as a small child to spread his mother’s ashes.  Upon his arrival he is nearly immediately thrown into the civil war between an apparently oppressive king and the rebel faction.  You quickly find out the mad king knew both your parents and that the rebels were founded by your father and your mother was herself a member.

From there the game descends into a tale of violence and unpleasant moral choices.  You unflinchingly gun down, blow up, stab and run down with elephants the soldiers serving the king while serving the two leaders who each see diametrically opposed ways to lead the rebels, consistently getting caught in their plotting, scheming and jostling for control of the faction.  Along the way you find your allies aren’t as good as they paint themselves, the villain isn’t as bad as he first seems (he’s still bad but not AS bad as he is painted) and that the truth about your parents is equally muddy.

By the end of the game I found myself looking back on much of the protagonist’s actions with a bit of bemused frustration and a bit of disgust at how easily he allows himself to be manipulated and as he puts it late in the game allows himself to be the one to always pull the trigger for other people.


In the end I found myself enthralled with Ajay’s descent and couldn’t help but feel that in a world full of shitty people that Ajay may just be the worst among them as at least everyone else was fighting for something they believed in and he was just the guy getting blood on his hands for them.

And that revelation made me love the game all the more as it was such a break from the usual video game plots of being the chosen one, the savior or the super hero.

Check out the full thing below, it’s now were near as long as my Fallout 4 play-through but will still take a fair bit of time to take in but it is completely worth it.

I enjoyed the ride and hope you will too.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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