Loads of Nerdy News to Start My Day

Woke up a few minutes ago to get ready for the errands I have to to this afternoon before dinner and work and found loads of nerdy happiness awaiting me.

Right out of the gate I find out that 2nd Marvel Collector Corps box, coming in April, will unsurprisingly (but still excitingly) be Civil War themed.


But what of my 1st box?  Well my Deadpool Collector Corps box shipped this morning.  I’m really looking forward to this one (almost as much as I am actually getting to see the movie tomorrow with Chelcie).


It is worth wondering if the wild success of the hard-R rated Deadpool film may have opened the floodgates for a proper Wolverine film as news broke sometime today that it appears Fox Studios is targeting an R rating for the what is reported to be Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine film.


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Rumors are running that the final Jackman Wolverine will be based on the Old Man Logan arc but even if it isn’t it warms my heart to see the character finally getting a chance to shine in a non-neutered, non-PG13 form.


I also received notice of March’s Comic Bento box theme.  If you were following along you know I absolutely loved January’s box (The Grey Area) and am cautiously optimistic about February’s (Amped) as it hasn’t shipped and until I see what comes in the “music” themed box I am reserving judgement.  March’s theme is Powerless.  The theme offers some interesting prospects if the reveal video’s pitch holds true.  At the very least a theme about heroes without powers could yield at least one book from the Bat-family (fingers crossed).

The big news though was Bethesda finally dropping info about upcoming DLC for my much beloved Fallout 4.  You can find the whole thing here but here are a look at the first three pieces of new content.

Automatron deals with a horde of “evil” robots being unleashed on the Commonwealth and allows you to harvest bot parts to make your own robot companion (something that could be loads of fun).

Wasteland Workshop seems to be the least enticing of the bunch but it still could be fun to cage various bad guys and turn them loose on each other.  It also contains some more cosmetic stuff for settlements, the most interesting seems to be taxidermy as I think it would be amusing to stuff a few Deathclaws and place them near the entrance to the settlements.

Far Harbor is the first true “story” expansion as a case for Valentine’s Detective Agency takes you off the coast of Maine where higher radiation levels have “created a more feral world”.  The plot seems to focus on conflict between a colony of Synths, the Children of Atom and other settlers with a through line involving the search for a woman.  Bethesda stated higher level gear and armor could be found in Far Harbor and if past experiences with Fallout DLC holds true it could be interesting.

The content is due to drop in March, April and May respectively and Bethesda promises more by year’s end.  Needless to say after pouring more than a hundred hours into the main game I’m really excited for more (especially if it’s more Far Harbor style DLC and less Wasteland Workshop)

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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