Not Sure What to Stream Today

Trying to decide what to stream later today.

My lovely partner in crime will be unavailable because of that whole work thing so I can’t do any Diablo 3.

That leaves me with Thief, Elite:Dangerous, Far Cry 4 and Shadow of Mordor as my primary options.

I could also possibly reinstall something like Portal and stream it for a bit.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of picking up a TellTale game, either Game of Thrones, Borderlands or Minecraft since they’re fairly cheap.

Or maybe something like Rebel Galaxy since I’ve been on a space kick lately.

It’s all very uncertain at the moment.  I’m hoping that once laundry is done, Chelcie has gone to work and I’ve napped I’ll have something locked down for this weekend’s streams.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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