The Battlefront that Could Have Been

Just came across this video from late October and immediately had to share it in light of my recent review of Star Wars: Battlefront.

Long story short, back in 2008 Battlefront III was very close to completion and was possibly even in the quality assurance stage of development when Lucasarts more or less Order 66’d the project (along with several other awesome looking games set in the Star Wars universe).

Admittedly I like that the current Battlefront stays out of the prequels and sticks to the original trilogy but some of the things that were cut, namely story/campaign mode and space battles.  The video below even shows a battle taking place both on the surface and in the upper reaches of the atmosphere!

I wish some of the ideas from this prequel era game had found their way to the newest iteration, it may have made the game an 8 or 9 out of 10.

Check it out though:

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6 Responses to The Battlefront that Could Have Been

  1. zukesite says:

    wow this looks old compared to the new battlefront


    • Shad says:

      Because it is old. Battlefront was supposed to get a 3rd installment in 2008. The point was to showcase that the 2008 Battlefront would have included things that should have been in the game, including fights that took place simultaneously on the surface of the planet and in the upper atmosphere/space above it. Apply the newest game’s graphics and the play of the old and we would have had a Battlefront game worth owning and playing.


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