Speaking of Fallout

The other night I turned around and caught a headline on the television that stated “Russian man sues after Fallout 4 took his wife and job”.

I was immediately intrigued and couldn’t wait to take a look at this story as soon as I got home but unfortunately couldn’t write about it until right now.

You can read the details here but to summarize this young man in Russia decided to binge himself on Fallout for three weeks.  He stopped going to work because of the game and predictably lost his job.  He stopped paying attention to his wife who eventually left him.

Now he is suing for the astounding amount of 500,000 rubles (about $7,000 USD).

For all the pain and suffering caused by his “addiction” to Fallout and the “havoc” it played on his life this fella only wants $7,000?

But the amount sued for is besides the point.   Can we please return to the time when if you do something stupid like, for example, play a video game non-stop to the point where you can’t even go to work or maintain your marriage that you take a good hard look in the mirror and blame the moron looking back out at you?

Bethesda is not to blame for the mess this guy made of his life, he is.

In the two months since Fallout 4 was released I’ve put in 80 documented hours with the game.  I go to work every day and with the exception of days my girlfriend is working nights I see her every night.  My life continues on in a functioning manner.

As does the lives of millions of others who enjoy the game.

I don’t know anything about the Russian court system but I hope they laugh this idiot right out of their court room.

Now if you excuse me I have some Fallout to play.

Watch me here.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)


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