Am I Alone in Not Being Excited by VR?

Every blog, gaming site and podcast I read or listen to has been abuzz the last several weeks with news and reports of hands on time with the various VR rigs that are due out in 2016.

As I sit and listen to or read these professional gaming journalists gushing over the potential of this new hardware I can’t help but feel like I am the one and only person out there who isn’t at all excited about these things.

Heck, I think I might be the only person hoping VR fails outright.

Maybe my opinion will change in due time but sitting here at the end of 2015 I can’t help but have far too many questions to be excited about it.

I wear glasses and neither can or will wear contacts (not to mention my lack of desire for laser eye surgery) so will these headsets be comfortable or even work for me?

What about motion sickness?  I sometimes find myself feeling a slight bit of dizziness/ while playing regular games, especially with certain camera angles in games with cars driving fast or in a recent case while running down some spiraling stairs in Fallout 4.  Seems to me that VR headsets would play hell on those of us who even experience these things only once in a great while let alone those who have serious equilibrium issues.

Probably the biggest unanswered question is simply the cost factor.  How much will these rigs cost?  The current consoles only recently became “affordable” for lots of people and now these “latest and greatest” pieces of technology are on the horizon.

Also now that I’m thinking about it, what kind of games are we going to see?  Are we going to get 100 hour epics like Fallout or will it be limited to “work” simulations and gimmick heavy games without substance?

I don’t care at all for this looming trend but I could be wrong, what do you think?


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