If You Can’t Poke a Little Fun at Yourself

This morning I woke up and found something I never see in my inbox, a clip from Saturday Night Live.

Specifically this clip:

My first instinct, like many, many, MANY others was to be offended.  After all even though I don’t own any Star Wars stuff I am a collector of a variety of nerdy things and the SNL crew did get a little lazy in mining the “nerds are lonely losers” joke in the midst of an accurate take on the absurdity of things.  In this day in age of instantaneous online reactions via social media it is far too easy to take that gut reaction and run with it as many obviously have.

But as I sit here and look up at the collection of knick-knacks and comic books behind me and watch that clip for probably the 6th time I can’t help but laugh at it all.


I fully understand what they were making fun of, buying things nominally meant for children because they appeal to your nerdy nature but never opening them because even if you’d never dream of selling them you want them to remain in pristine condition.

Like it or not, to non-collectors (yes even some nerds don’t collect things obsessively) this behaviour is pretty damn funny and the SNL guys more or less nail it.

And if you can’t laugh at yourself from time to time, well son I worry about you.

Now I’m going to sit here and look at my pristine little dorky baubles AND contemplate how my fantastic girlfriend and I will spend our next date night watching Star Wars, not that I’m bragging about my beautiful and nerdy girlfriend but rather because I’m not even supposed to have one as a nerdy collector.

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