Start Your Day Off Right With a Brand New Batman v Superman Trailer

You may have missed it last night if you were asleep like a normal person or working 3rd shift like I was but Ben Affleck was on Jimmy Kimmel live and we witnessed the premiere of the latest full Batman v Superman trailer.

Now I tried to wait until I got home to watch it on my television but around the time I took my lunch break I gave in and fired it up on my phone.

And it largely blew my mind.

I have been more or less lukewarm towards the movie, with too many uncertainties to feel fully excited about it.  While many of those uncertainties remain seeing the trailer definitely ignited my interest in the movie.

Before I ramble on any longer here is the trailer.

Last night I watched the trailer twice on my own and two more times during an excellent reaction video over the course of my break and immediately went to send a coworker on his break so that he could see it and I could have someone to talk to about it.

Affleck looks great as both Bruce Wayne and Batman and his lines in this trailer were perfect.  I really liked his exchange with Clark at the beginning of the trailer and laughed out loud at his smirk when asked about Batman.

I’m still not sold on Eisenberg as Luthor.  I haven’t seen enough of him to judge if he has the presence needed for the character.  So far I haven’t seen it and while I found his comments at the beginning of the trailer funny I can’t say I care for the delivery or the way he was behaving.  It felt a little too manic for me.

Also I know I’m increasingly in the minority but I still don’t buy into Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  Yeah she looked somewhat good in the gear and with the shield but it still isn’t clicking for me.

The big news though was that reveal towards the end of the trailer.  I’m not sure why DC/WB didn’t try to save that one for the release of the film but seeing what is obviously Doomsday on screen brought me to my feet.  One of the first comic stories I ever owned was the iconic Death of Superman arc and seeing a version of one of the ultimate DC villains on the big screen is something I’ve wanted for nearly my entire life.

It appears that I will be getting my wish in a few short months.


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