Captain America 3: Civil War Trailer

Over the course of last night the new trailer for Captain America 3: Civil War was revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Several hours later, during my break, I had a moment to watch.

For those that may not have seen it yet here it is:

I like what I saw.

It could have been better though.

In my opinion the trailer did a very bad job of explaining why the Avengers have split, making it seem like the whole source of conflict was Bucky. Everything I’ve read points towards it being more about a registration act (not too far from the source material).

I want to see more story in the next trailer, something to flesh out the plot a bit.

Oh and I doubt it would happen but I’d LOVE to see some friggin Spider Man too…but that will probably be saved for closer to May 2016 if at all.

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