Two Legends of Tomorrow Trailers for the Price of One

Which is cool because if you’re reading this you know darn well you didn’t pay a dime for it, so two trailers for free is pretty freaking awesome.

But I digress.

When I woke up this afternoon the first thing I spotted in my inbox was an entry about the Legends of Tomorrow trailer.

This entry made note of an excellent line from Rip Taylor alluding to Superman and Batman. Not content to watch the trailer on my phone, I shot out of bed and powered up my PC to find this trailer.

My first search did not find it but rather found a really good one from about three weeks ago. I liked it so much that I’m including it here as I feel in some small ways it better sets up the story of the show than the newest (but still awesome) trailer.

When I first read about the show I wasn’t certain how I felt about it but the more I’ve seen the more excited I’ve become and now have no doubt it will be an excellent 3rd component in the universe of DC shows on CW.

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