The Ten(ish) Games I Most Want to See Made Available for Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One

During a time when some amazing games have come out Microsoft quietly (sort of) added a function that I have been patiently waiting for, backwards compatibility.

Granted I’d much rather play nothing but brand new Xbox One titles but given the fairly large library of 360 games I amassed last generation and my love of streaming I can’t help but salivate a little at the idea of streaming some of my favorite 360 games.

Unfortunately the list of games available at the launch of this new function was in my opinion very, very disappointing. The entirety of Gears of War is available now but the first aged pretty damn badly. Same can be said of Mass Effect. Hell Fallout 3 has aged pretty badly too but it is a game I still enjoy and if I wasn’t so engrossed in Fallout 4 I might have fired it up and is the one game I own on the entire 100 some odd game list that I would be interested in.

So that leaves me wanting more and left me daydreaming of games I want to see added to the function.

And when I daydream like this you know you’re going to get yourselves a nice list.

Without further delay here are the 10(ish) games I want made backwards compatible so I can revisit them with my viewers/readers.

Oh and these are largely in no particular order.

10. Xcom: Enemy Unknown- I had never played any Xcom game prior to this one being released on consoles last generation. From the moment I picked it up I was in love with the game. It was hard in a legitimate way (and not in that Dark Souls way) often making you feel like you earned it. I loved the alien invasion story and how death on the battlefield was permanent. I truly felt bad whenever one of my high ranked veterans fell on the battlefield to the alien menace and when one mission in particular wiped out all my experienced soldiers I felt sick knowing that my next attempt would be nothing more than feeding rookies to an extraterrestrial meat grinder. I never picked it up after that. Now that Xcom 2 has been announced as PC exclusive I think its a crime that the excellent Xcom: Enemy Unknown isn’t already available to play on Xbox One.

9. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim- Sure Fallout 4 just launched and Elder Scrolls Online is available but when I’m itching to have that Bethesda style Fantasy RPG fix I want some Skyrim and I want it right then. Over the last four years I’ve poured hundreds of hours into Skyrim and would love to continue to do so on the new console. ESO wasn’t a “bad” game but it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Ideally if I’m playing Elder Scrolls with others I want Skyrim but with friends in place of dopey NPC companions. I want to take my Khajit and have my girlfriend there with her wood elf and my buddy with his Nord and no one else. The very MMO-ness of ESO was a huge turn off for me as I reached a point where I couldn’t stand to enter towns and deal with the assorted jackassery there. Come on Microsoft, give me my Skyrim.

8. Dead Space Trilogy- This is one of the reasons why I said “ten(ish)”. I want the entire trilogy available for when I need a scary game fix. I want to have my pants scared off as Issac again alongside whatever viewers I have. I also want to be able to finish the co-op playthrough Optimusprymrib and I started of Dead Space 3.

7. Mass Effect 2- IF they HAD to give us only one Mass Effect game why not give us the one most people consider the best in the series. Granted I loved 3 as well but the second game truly was the funnest experience, with the best story, the best final mission and the best ending (well if you did it right anyway, otherwise it could range from merely bittersweet to downright soul crushing).

6. Bioshock Infinite- I know I’m not in the majority but this multiple universe mind bending game was my favorite in the series and one I’m dying to play again on a stream. I loved so much about this game and unlike the first one (where I found myself so thoroughly stuck I now reveal to getting stuck in a game as being “Bioshocked”) or the sequel (which I just didn’t enjoy) I have been dying to fire it up again, especially on a stream.  Thankfully this is gong to happen eventually, Microsoft has reported that it would be made available at some point but that doesn’t change that it isn’t one of the first wave like it should have been.

5. Red Dead Redemption- Easily one of my favorite games from last generation it is beyond a crime to not have this game available on backwards compatibility. The game was epic, the story heartbreaking and the visuals stunning (especially for their time). I want to step back into Marston’s boots again, climb on a horse and drag a desperado through the streets by his ankles all over again.

4. Max Payne 3- Another Rockstar game I wish they’d give me access to on Xbox One. MP3 was a depressing and violent game that was oddly very, very fun to play. I know Rockstar is probably more concerned with selling GTA5 units on Xbox One but as I beat the game three times on 360 I have no desire to pay full price for GTA 5 again (as good as it is) just for some new songs, slightly improved graphics and a first person perspective. I would shell out a couple of bucks though to pick up a few of their older games if they were compatible in a backwards fashion.

3. Saints Row 2 and 3- Easily my favorite two games in the series. Maybe they aren’t available for the same reason I suspect Rockstar of, they want people to buy Saints Row 4. But if I’m being honest, I didn’t like 4 at all. The inclusion of “powers” ruined the game mechanics for me. If I wanted super powers in an open world and alien fighting I’d ask for a Justice League game. When I’m playing a SR game I want silly mayhem and violence with cars, guns, gangs and explosions. SR2 was brilliantly dark and gritty while silly and absurd and SR3 took the absurdity to an extreme (remember this?).

2. Bulletstorm- This was an absurd over the top action FPS game that had the novel gameplay component of awarding extra points for stylish kills and giving you and energy whip to help get creative with the kills.  The game had some amusing and awesome set pieces and sequences.  Ever since I finished it I’ve wanted to revisit it and now that I’ve become a frequent Twitch broadcaster I would love to take a trip down memory lane during a live stream.

And the last game I’m hoping they get up soon?

1. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon- I loved Far Cry 3 and am looking forward to streaming Far Cry 4 (seriously its sitting right here on my desk awaiting its turn on Twitch).  But Blood Dragon is a whole other beast entirely.  The game was brilliantly designed, doing the whole 80s action movie parody in pitch perfect style that I didn’t see again until Kung Fury a few weeks back.  In fact it was that film that reignited my desire to play this game again.  A few weeks ago a list came out that was rumored to be the first backwards compatible games and Blood Dragon was on it.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a real list but that didn’t kill my hope that I would one day see it become reality.  I mean if some of the craptastic games that are currently available deserve to be playable so does an awesomely action packed and hilarious little game like this does too.


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