Extra Life 24 Hour Livestream for Charity Has Come and Gone

Yesterday was the big day.

November 7th was Game Day for the Extra Life Livestream for Charity.

I put my time in, launching my stream at 10am after working a ten hour shift the night before (and waking up at 4:30 on Friday afternoon).

I had fun and was hopefully entertaining to the handful of viewers that found themselves in my neck of the internet woods.

Sadly after being up for 36 1/2 hours I had to throw in the towel before I reached the full 24 hour mark, cutting my marathon short at a mere 19 hours.  This means later today my regularly scheduled Sunday Night Stream will be devoted to the remaining 5 hours I am committed to performing.

I’d like to thank those who watched but the real thanks goes to a woman who was a very important woman in my Air Force career who stepped up as the biggest donator in my little quest to raise money for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  Without her donation I would be painfully far from my goal but thanks to her generosity I am just shy of 50% of the very modest goal I set as a first time Extra Lifer.  So to you, Rebecca Schlaht, I again say thank you.  After a very, very long day seeing your donation arrive made my efforts worthwhile and I cannot truly express how grateful I am to you for your help.

I would also like to thank the group of online friends, including my real life buddy OptimusPrymRib, for making the time fly by and helping me power through the hours of sleep deprived dedication to the cause.  The laughs alone were enough to keep me on course and let the hours melt away nearly unnoticed.

For those interested in seeing the many hours I put in, you can check out the games I played for the next several days right here.

Also if you are interested in watching tomorrow night as I wrap up my commitment to this wonderful cause you can watch right here starting at 8pm.

As a community we raised $6,360,566 (keep in mind from 2008-2014 the donations had totaled $14 million) for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals today and although my personal contribution is not yet what I would have liked it to be I can’t help but feel proud of the entire gaming and nerd community for the accomplishment and honored to have been a part of it myself.

That all I have to say, I’m going to bed now for some much needed sleep.

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3 Responses to Extra Life 24 Hour Livestream for Charity Has Come and Gone

  1. I had a blast despite us not being able to pull to many people away from the huge company streams. We gave it hell and at the very least helped get eyes on the primary goal at hand. I really wish we would have had a cap card to get the conversations though, the later it got, the funnier it became lol.


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