Extra Life Draws Near


Two weeks from tomorrow is the big day, November 7th 2015 is the day of my Extra Life gaming marathon for charity.

Before I go farther, you can donate here and please, please do.  I’m going to play regardless but I’d hate to see my efforts go wasted.

I’m still trying to decide just what to play.  I’ve thought long and hard about it and at this point all I’ve done is completely rule out Dragons Age Inquisition from the list for two reasons 1) I’ve been playing it as a part of my regular stream and want something special and “new” for this event and 2) DA:I is a really long game and even though I’m shooting for the full 24 hours I don’t think I could finish it even if I started from where ever I am in the game in two weeks.

As of this moment two of my main options are old school favorites (not of mine so to speak as I’ve never played them) Banjo-Kazooie and Grabbed by the Ghoulies and I guess I can toss Kameo out there as well since it is another classic Rare game that I hear lots good about but haven’t played myself.

But I also went out and sacrificed my meager collection of Xbox One games (something those nearest and dearest to me know hurt deeply as I am undoubtedly a “collector”) and about $6.50 to provide two “new” challengers for the proverbial Extra-Life throne.

Picture 1075

Far Cry 4 and Shadow of Mordor, both are games that I had my eye on back in 2014 when I did not yet own an Xbox and both games I’ve been dying to play.

But dear readers I’m going to abstain a little while longer and hold out on getting better acquainted with these two great games until it is decided which of the five possibly games I am going to fire up for charity on November 7th.

And as for that decision, I am definitely open to suggestion.  So dear readers, let me know which game I should play.

  1. Banjo-Kazooie
  2. Far Cry 4
  3. Grabbed by the Ghoulies
  4. Kameo
  5. Shadow of Mordor

And once you’ve done so, feel free to donate a little something to a great cause, supporting Children’s Hospitals.

Also don’t forget to pop by anytime on November 7th (exact start time to be determined) and watch me have fun while (hopefully) raising a little cash for the places who do treat the sick little ones of the world (or in this case southern Ohio).

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