Since It Has Been a Little While Since I Last Posted This Sort of Shamelessly Self-Promoting Post in an Effort to Get You All to Like Me

I’ll take the easy route and do a little copy and paste job.

Is that cool?

I hear you saying yes it is.

Oh and before I drop the previously written text….don’t forget about Extra Life 2015.

Its that time again, time to plug my various internet and social media homes.

Aside from here,, yours truly can be found at the following locations.

For live streaming of video games, there is the PolyNerdic Twitch channel.

For archiving those streams, as well as highlight clips, Easter eggs, glitches and maybe one-day vlogs there is the PolyNerdic Youtube channel.

For thoughts, musings, gripes and attempts at humor limited to less than 140 characters, there is the PolyNerdic Twitter.

For a combination of all the above plus the odd meme or such, there is the PolyNerdic Facebook page.

Please like and subscribe at any (or preferably all) of the above.  Your support is always appreciated as knowing there is an audience is indescribably rewarding.

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