What Just Happened?

Since I’m off tonight and slept all day I figured tonight would be the perfect night to fire up the Star Wars Battlefront beta and have a few hours of fun with it.

On what was about the 6th match of the night I found myself on the Rebel team and things were going bad and fast.  The Empire was kicking our butts all over the snow covered fields of Hoth (personally I finished the match 7-24).

The battle comes down to the wire, the Rebels have their backs practically against the shield generators and the Empire was looming over them with both AT-ATs intact and drawing closer and closer to “killshot” range.

I’m running through the trenches and I see the glowing blue icon of an A-Wing ahead of me.  Being completely honest I’ve yet to truly grasp the piloting of the various aerial vehicles, previous attempts to fly had ended badly, so it was a bit of gamble for me to jump into an A-Wing but in the heat of the moment I decided to roll the dice and hop in.

And for about two glorious seconds it was awesome.

Just watch and see how quickly my elation turned to game-ending frustration.

The moment the word DEFEAT popped up on the screen I couldn’t even move my thumbs and watched dumbstruck as I crashed and an invisible AT-AT took out the shields.

Well at least I have the memories of the excitement I felt when I (thought I) won the match for us.

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