Comic Book Review: Hawkeye vs Deadpool

A long time ago I came across this sequence online.


Immediately at the time I loved the sequence and was left wondering why Hawkeye was trying to kill Deadpool with a rocket launcher.  The thought of them going head to head immediately appealed to me.

What I didn’t know at the time was that it was actually Bullseye in Hawkeye’s costume.

That said it was not a part of this book.

Picture 1068

My lovely girlfriend gave me Hawkeye vs Deadpool for our anniversary yesterday and while she took over as a guest host on my stream I kicked back and read this one.

Before I continue I feel the need to express that the book is very poorly titled.  There isn’t a whole lot of “VS” between the titular characters in the book apart from the normal helping of annoyance that most characters feel towards Deadpool.  Granted Deadpool Annoys Hawkeye While Working With Him isn’t a great title either but at least it is accurate.

The book contains the usual humor and action one should expect in a Deadpool book as he and Hawkeye try to recover a thumb drive with S.H.I.E.L.D. info on it.  Along they way they face brainwashed drones dressed as heroes and villains as well as Typhoid Mary, all doing the bidding of Black Cat.

Overall the story isn’t the greatest but it still works and is entertaining, at once being a part of the established continuity and working as a stand-alone story.  The art within varies, sometimes being exactly what I want to see and others feeling a little off.  There are two artists on the book, neither of whom I know well enough to immediately recognize

There are plenty of jokes but many of them will fall flat if the reader is unaware of recent Marvel events, such as Original Sin, or what happened during the Duggan/Posehn run with Deadpool.  I also learned a lot about the Marvel universe that I’ve missed out on.  This was my introduction to the character of Kate Bishop, also known has Hawkeye.  I also learned of Barton’s hearing loss in this book.  Both Ms. Bishop and Barton’s affliction were things I immediately had to look deeper into as they both came out of left field for me.

What surprised me the most about the book was how I enjoyed the sequences with Kate and Deadpool more than the Barton and Deadpool ones.  Kate has some great scenes in the book namely her reaction to Wade’s skin condition upon first meeting him, mistaking it for Freddy makeup.


Or when Deadpool has her use a rocket launcher to take out a substation.


Having never read any of the Matt Fraction Hawkeye series I’m not sure how much fans of that series will enjoy this but I can say with some certainty that Deadpool fans will find plenty to enjoy here.  While I was admittedly a little disappointed with the book I still am happy to have it as a part of my collection and would definitely suggest it as a worthy book for fans of the titular characters.

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2 Responses to Comic Book Review: Hawkeye vs Deadpool

  1. Tyler Junky says:

    Got any comic book suggests for a weeaboo who only reads mostlyJapanese manga but WANTS to get into western comics


    • S.Y. says:

      Well I’m pretty biased to DC and Batman in particular so the obvious suggestions would be classic Batman stories like The Long Halloween, Hush, Death in the Family and the Killing Joke or newer ones like the Court of the Owls followed by City of the Owls are great reads with solid artwork. I also really enjoy some of the “Batfamily” books like Gail Simone’s run with Batgirl or the Nightwing books.

      As for Marvel, I’m not nearly as well versed but have enjoyed the various X-men and Avengers books as well as the Marvel Now Deadpool books (particularly Volumes 1 and 3).

      Sadly I am really behind on the newer brandings (DC You and All New All Different Marvel) so I’m not up on whether or not those books are any good.


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