The Post Where I Discuss Tomorrow’s Stream, Nerdy Love and Good Old Fashioned Self-Promotion

Tomorrow is Friday.

Fridays tend to be a Live Stream day.

Tomorrow will not be an exception to that rule as I will be continuing my Dragons Age Inquisition play-through as the amusingly polite horned giant, the Qunari named Yaegar.


I’m setting the start time for 8am but assuming I get home on time I’ll be able to launch a little sooner than that.

I will be live until at least 10am but will likely go a little longer depending on one factor, the Goddess of Geekery.

You see dear readers, if I may be allowed to get a little personal, tomorrow is our anniversary and as such I will only be on until my lovely better half is up and ready to start our day together.

Rest assured though that I will be on again for the Sunday night stream and will quite likely find myself with some time on Saturday as well.

So please join me here on Friday morning (and other assorted days afterwards) as I guide the beastly looking yet civil horned giant through the turmoil and strife of Dragons Age Inquisition and many other games.

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I sincerely appreciate each and every follow, subscription and like.  I do this largely to amuse and entertain myself but it is even more fun when I know you all are enjoying my efforts as well.

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