Picked Up Some New “Decor” Today

Earlier this afternoon I got my hands on some new decor/collectibles.

Picture 1066

I’ve been eyeballing a few of these Pop! vinyl bobbleheads for a while and decided now was as good a time as any to pull the trigger on purchasing a couple I really wanted for fairly cheap.

I was tempted to unbox them and place them on the shelve behind me or on my desk but the anal-retentive collector in me demands that I don’t open them (for example the Freddy vs Jason set seen just to the left of Deathstroke I picked up over 15 years ago is still in its factory plastic wrappings).

Admittedly a large part of me wants to buy doubles to have one in box and one out but that seems both foolish and pricey.  For now they’ll remain in the boxes they came in, largely to protect them and because they’ll be easier to store and care for that way.

Now I just need to decide where I’m going to place these guys and figure out which one will be picked up next (ever since my Geeky Goddess got a Groot figure in a Loot Crate I’ve known that they were something I would want to collect myself and the moment I bought one I’d potentially open the flood gates and have to self-regulate my desire to buy more).

What about you dearest readers?  Have any of you long fought the fiendish impulse to collect geeky things that have no real use outside of being pleasing to your eye?

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