PolyNerdic Comic Book Review: Death of Wolverine

Appropriate Mourning Face

Appropriate Mourning Face

Finally got around to reading Death of Wolverine by Charles Soule and I was not disappointed (at least by the story and art).

Let me start by getting my one real gripe out of the way and then we can get to the part where I praise the hell out of this book.  Its short.  Too short.  This book only contains the miniseries Death of Wolverine #1-4 and doesn’t collect Woverine Vol 5 #5-13, Vol 6 1-12 and Wolverine Annual #1 which all provide the setup for this otherwise amazing book.   While I would have loved and can understand not including the various Aftermath Tie-ins, not having the prelude issues collected in this book (the way DC did back in the 90s with Death of Superman) is a bit of an irritant to me.

I’m not the rabid reader of Marvel books that I am DC books, a quick look at the book shelf behind me and I guesstimate that I buy DC trades at a rate of 6 or 7 per every 1 Marvel trade.  As such I was only vaguely aware of the fact that Wolverine had lost his healing factor and that was thanks to a scene in a Deadpool book.


When this book starts up Logan is a battered and broken man without his healing factor.  His adamantium laced skeleton is killing him with radiation absorbed throughout the decades.  He can’t use his claws without risk of infection and without serious blood loss.

To make matters worse someone has put a price on his head, bringing every sort of mercenary, assassin and thug for hire after Logan.  Knowing it would happen, Wolverine isolates himself to prevent collateral damage but doesn’t hide his location from his would be assailants.  It doesn’t take long before Logan gets tired of being hunted and sets out to find out who put a price on his head.

I would say more but to do so would be to spoil the very short book.

The story was gripping and just the right amount of mystery and suspense.  The art, by Steve McNiven and others, was fantastic…easily the best in any of my recent Marvel purchases

And sorry for the spoiler but Wolverine DOES in fact die in the book’s closing moments.

All the reports I’ve read say that this is meant to be a lasting death, one designed to affect the Marvel universe on a massive level.  Supposedly this is not meant to be one of the cheap comic demises that is undone within a year and as much as I love the Wolverine character I have to say I like that idea.  At this point, Wolverine has been dead for nearly a year and I think it should stay that way.

Besides a new volume of alternate universe tale Old Man Logan was just a part of Secret Wars AND in 2016 an ongoing Old Man Logan series is slated to start so its not like Wolverine is completely gone.

Anyway, Death of Wolverine was an excellent book and one that certainly belongs in your collection.

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