New Schedule

A few unexpected changes have occurred this week resulting in my work schedule being altered fairly drastically.

Unfortunately this effects my various passion projects as well, including my live stream schedule.

I had been streaming at least once a week on Wednesday nights.

Going forward that stream will be moved to Monday mornings, which had already started to become a regular time over the last couple of weeks.

I will also be instituting a few shorter streams into my regular schedule, putting a few one to two hour streams out in order to maximize my time and potential viewership.  These streams will run on Wednesday and Friday mornings for the time being, as I will need time to see if these times work out with my “day job”.

Also I will be able to find time on the occasional Saturday and Sunday to fit in some streaming.  I’m going to consider these to be “bonus” streams as I don’t know the exact timing and frequency of these broadcasts.

So to recap my schedule will now look like this:

Monday- 8 am to Noon

Wednesday- 8 am to 10 am

Friday- 8 am to 10 am

Bonus Streams possible on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

I would like to do it for longer runs and on more days but for now its the best I can do and still have time for that whole “real life” thing.

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